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Creative Packaging Solutions

We specialize in problem solving, expertise, communication to help you lead with our creative packaging solutions.

Food Products

There are numerous unique shapes and styles of food packages on our grocery shelves. We offer thousands of packaging options to our customers to meet their individual requirements.  From glass jars to plastic containers for condiments, to hot fill PP as well as crystal clear PET options, we offer thousands of packaging options to our customers to meet their requirements.  We also have a wide variety of metal and plastics closures with tamper- evident liners to round out those packages.

Medical Diagnostics

Packaging for the medical diagnostics industry is a big part of our business. Some of our products include glass and plastic vials, glass pill bottles, cylindrical plastic bottles with dropper fitments, dropper assemblies, and small diameter closures.  We also help pharmaceutical companies entering the clinical trial phase by supporting the sampling and documentation process.

Household Chemical

Basic household chemical packaging can include buckets and pails, 1-gallon handled jug rounds, HDPE cylinder bottles, trigger sprayers and bottles, and dispensing closures.  We work with customers to make sure that the quality plastic we supply is compatible with their specialty chemicals.

Personal Care

From lotions and shampoos to skin care products, we supply hundreds of shapes, sizes and colors of plastic and glass containers.  We can pair those with beautiful dispensing or non-dispensing closure options.

Nutritional Supplements

We supply traditional vitamin packers and closures.  They are usually made from HDPE or PET material. Custom colored containers and closures are also available at certain manufacturing minimums.

Arts and Crafts

We offer a wide variety of containers for our arts and crafts customers.  Jars and bottles of various sizes for paints, glues, dyes, and other chemicals are available as well as brush caps and bingo style daubers are also available.


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